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Texas Temporary Disability Benefits

Texas Temporary Disability Benefits, Partial Disability, and Total Disability. What are they and what does it mean? This next section will cover both questions. Temporary Disability Benefits, or TBD, are available in some state to insured’s disabled in non-occupational work. A broader description can be found by looking up Disability benefits which will be covered in a later section. Temporary Partial Disability is a condition in which the insured abilities are impaired due to injury for an undetermined amount of time. Insureds lookingTexas Temporary Disability Benefits to collect from this coverage must be able to continue to work though at a lower output than before as well as be able to recover fully. Temporary Total Disability can be used if ever you are completely disabled and can no longer work while your recovering. All of these coverage’s can be found in worker compensation.
Moving on, Therapeutic Alternative, Therapeutic equivalence, Third Party Administrator and Third Party Payer. A therapeutic alternative is a drug that is different in its chemical make up but it treats the same ailment with the same effect on patients. This is good for those who may be allergic to certain chemicals. Therapeutic equivalence means that a drug will have the same affect on a symptom or ailment as any other drug used to cure the same ailment. Now on to Third Party Administrator, this is a firm that provides any kind of administrative assistance for employers and other associations. The Third Party Administrator also serves a mediator between the Insurer and the insured. This includes, but is not limited to certifying an employers eligibility, doing state required reports as well as processing claims.  A Third Party Payor is a company that pays for coverage claims provided by your health plan. The most well know Third Party Payors are Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, and Medicaid,  Texas Temporary Disability Benefits.

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